About Us

HERMES NETHERLANDS has been marketing and supporting all of the products of KARAN ACOUSTICS since 1999.

How do we work?

Smart audiophiles are not snobs who crave for acceptance. They are truly mature people who accept the limitations imposed by reality, but who also want to squeeze the last possible drop of emotion and presence out of the music that they love.

If religions can be divided into those obsessed with guilt and those with beauty, true audiophiles clearly belong in the second category because they seem relatively immune to the guilt-factor when money needs to be spent in the name of beauty. Indeed, if one ever needed proof of an invisible force that can change lives, one need look no further than the ”religion” of music !

We at HERMES deal in most cases with highly-interesting people who have achieved an impressive level of perfection in other fields and now want to apply the same standard of excellence in composing – as a musician composes music – their ideal home studio.

We are here to help in that endeavor !

HERMES NETHERLANDS has a simple modus operandi. As high-end equipment can only be properly evaluated in your own listening space – your room is also an instrument, remember ! – HERMES NETHERLANDS completely dispenses with an expensive showroom. You contact us and we make a mutually convenient arrangement that allows you to listen to KARAN acoustical equipment in your own home, playing your own music.

That way you can never be confronted with the prospect of a major investment that sounded convincing in the showroom but completely failed to pass the test of pleasing in the only place that really counts, namely in your own listening space at home !

Because we have no expensive showroom and have eliminated all unnecessary overhead, we can invest the resultant savings in sourcing the very best components we can find. Keeping the whole operation as small as possible not only results in faster service, but it also enables our activities to remain sharply focused on audio without being distracted by the many headaches of managing a multinational company.

KARAN ACOUSTICS has no shareholders, no debts, no stress and no budget to enable its marketing director to buy new shoes for his mistress in Las Vegas (or anywhere else). In fact, there is no marketing director !

Milan Karan of KARAN ACOUSTICS in Serbia delivers his superb equipment to Zoran Filipovic of HERMES NETHERLANDS, who sells it to the end-user.

The lines of communication are straight, short and sweet !

Please note that neither Mr.Milan Karan himself , nor his company Karan Acoustics LLC HAVE A WEB SITE. Mr.Milan Karan also does not respond directly to emails from prospective clients. All sites relating to Karan Acoustics are owned by respectve dealers until Mr.Milan Karan himself decides to create his own site.

Each side of the business has its own particular responsibility: Milan Karan of KARAN ACOUSTICS in Serbia is responsible for designing and producing the best audio equipment that the love of perfection and human ingenuity can devise. Zoran Filipovic of HERMES NETHERLANDS is responsible for demonstrating that quality to his prospective customers and for ensuring that those who purchase KARAN products are never less than completely satisfied.

This means that the relationship with the customer extends well beyond the actual moment of purchase and also beyond the official guarantee period. HERMES NETHERLANDS is not a company that exists only to achieve short-term goals ( read: quick sales ) or that always interprets the small print in its own favor. Our goal is a long-term relationship that is mutually satisfying both to ourselves and to those who do business with us ! 

A short signal path concept results in a  short sales path as well.

Benelux importer and service point for Karan Acoustics