Our service point in Holland can help with every issue, either within the warranty period or after its expiry. Please email a short description of the problem, stating the unit type and its serial number. We will help regardless of where and when the unit was purchased! Anyone who has shown their appreciation of KARAN ACOUSTICS by having purchased one of its components deserves all the help we can give them. If part replacement is necessary but shipping costs prove to be prohibitive, we can always order parts for you and send them to you when they arrive, with instructions on the most cost-effective way for installing them. We would like to add that you may feel completely free to open up your new KARAN unit if you so desire, so as to take a good look yourself at its internal glory. Do not be scared by stories you may have heard from other hifi dealers, who tell their customers that opening a unit will automatically void its warranty! How else could you take a photo? As a KARAN owner, you are in possession of an absolutely top-class piece of audio equipment whose lifespan should exceed 25 years, on average. Bearing in mind that only a very limited number of units is produced yearly, your investment is also a rock-solid one should you ever decide to upgrade. In all matters relating to your KARAN ACOUSTICS audio equipment,we are always there to help keep things “great”!